Meet Me Hands.jpg

Drew a fireman on manila paper. Won a stuffed mouse in the Fire Prevention Poster Contest. Discovered my destiny.

Discouraged from attending my dream college. Too artsy, not academic enough. Went anyway. Spent four glorious years drawing, painting, designing.

Hired at a small, creative advertising and design studio. Learned the ancient arts of copy fitting, marker layouts and stat camera operation. Comped up many a candy bag and shampoo bottle. Illustrated elves building snowmen for Whoppers Malted Milk Balls and the like.

Took the plunge into freelancing. Landed myself in the marketing department of a prominent beauty supply company. Created surface patterns for salon garments and saw my work staring back at me when I went for a cut and color.

Found a wonderful rep agency to help connect me with clients near and far. Pinch dream is becoming a reality.

Now as always, striving to create the perfect visual solution to each unique artistic challenge that crosses my path.

Redhead. Mom of two crazy/wonderful boys. Always amused by my nutty husband.

Enraptured by Pembroke Welsh Corgis, cardinals, and cranes.

Humbly inspired by the work of Mary Blair, Tammis Keefe, Roger Duvoisin, and Abner Graboff.

Tickled by mid-century magazines, catalogs, and greeting cards.

Missing Mad Men, but finding Fargo fun!

Hoping to be reincarnated as a Leading Lady on Broadway. Past the age of being cast as Nellie Forbush, but will happily accept the title role in The Drowsy Chaperone.

Cannot surf past The Bad and The BeautifulThe Heiress, The Shop Around the Corner, or The Ten Commandments.

Grooves to The Tijuana Brass, Lounge, Big Band Swing, and NPR.

Could happily sit forever on Disney World's Main Street at closing time, eating an ice cream cone and watching the crowds pass by.